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 Eat, eat and grow strong [Cecilia free time]

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Name: Cecilia Lostara
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PostSubject: Eat, eat and grow strong [Cecilia free time]   Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:12 am

Indeed, Cecilia's plan when she went out was to do some shopping and buy stuff for her room, but instead she would be found hanging about with street vendors selling food. A friendly chat with them, a bite to her food, a happy expression on the fighter's face.

She blows lightly onto the fried chicken before taking another bite into its juicy meat. It takes all her self-control not to squeal, but she fails later when she tries a tiny strawberry cake. "I love this city," she mumbles to herself, laughing softly. Another vendor's food catches her attention, the smell of the pilaf cooking in his pan. Humming as she observes his cooking, Cecilia then offers suggestions as to how to make it tastier. Of course, she gets samples out of it. Maybe a bit too much to be called a sample, but it was a fun time with the vendor.

Cecilia waves good bye to the vendors, and finds herself encountering the children from yesterday. Naturally, she agrees to play with them for a while, and eventually, waves good bye to them, too. With that done, she finally registers the situation she was in. Perhaps one would've expected it.

Her head tilts to the side. "Where am I?" What was she doing? She was sure she left the guild building to do something. Looking up at the sky, it should be around noon. A soft sigh.
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Name: Sveta Alakev
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PostSubject: Re: Eat, eat and grow strong [Cecilia free time]   Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:14 pm

Sveta slung a shopping back over her shoulder, filled with books and blank scrolls. Enchanting seemed a little smart for her, but she wanted to give it a try anyways. Loaded up with supplies, she was off onto the streets, ready to get home.

Or maybe not.

Unfortunately, the scents and sights of the market district were a little more enticing than she could resist. Soon she found herself sitting on a bench with a stick of cotton candy in hand. There wasn't much better in her mind than an excuse to eat what was basically pure sugar.

Over the cloud of spun sugar, she caught a glimpse of her redheaded teammate. She seemed spaced out and kind of lost. Wanting to help, Sveta grabbed her bags and approached her.

"Cecil! What a coincidence, seeing you here! What are you up to? Anything fun?"
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Eat, eat and grow strong [Cecilia free time]
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